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taco stop mke 2016

was built from a dream of bringing real authentic Mexican food to the masses, we felt our food has been butchered for many years of "non authentic" or "tex mex food" and we felt it was time to stop faking it and bring the realness of what mexican cuisine is back to the people. thus taco stop was formed on the prime principal of being authentic to our culture, people and food. utilizing decades old recipes passed down from generations of a family from veracruz mex these are our recipes and ours only. de nuestra cocina a la de ustedes!

513 N CHICAGO AVE SOUTH MILWAUKEE, WI 53172    |   1 (414) 574-5123    |   EAT-TACOS.COM

12862 W BLUEMOUND RD ELM GROVE, WI 53122       |   1 (262) 794-3692    |   EAT-TACOS.COM

2121 S KINICKINNIC AVE. MILWAUKEE, WI          |   1 (414) 231 3304    |   EAT-TACOS.COM

(COMING SOON) 1426 E BRADY ST. MILWAUKEE, WI          |   1 (414) --- ----    |   EAT-TACOS.COM


we are know for our amazing tacos being named taco stop we are proud to be known for that but this item on the menu is special because these are mom's secret enchiladas carefully crafted from a 6 generation long family recipe they are made with a secret mild salsa only known to few family members, they are 3 individually wrapped tortillas with shredded 100% chicken breast on corn tortillas, toped with mexican sour cream, queso fresco, onions and on the side fresh cut lettuce and a slice of avocado.

these are the very tacos that put taco stop on the map authentic tacos made with home made 100% mexican corn tortilla accompanied by cilantro and onions and your choice of meat (local meats with no antibiotics or added hormones) try a delicious part of mexican cuisine! best part is that they are glutten free 


this needs not introduction our burrito coming in at almost 1 1/2 lbs its always a hungry crowd favorite! choice of meat or the vegetarian option no meat burrito still filling and delicious

we've become known for our home made fresh guacamole and chips our chips and guac are made fresh every day! no fillers no add ons just pure ingredients and flavor


the perfect comfort/breakfast FOOD WITH A BIT OF SPICY FLAVORS or if you prefer mild salsa always an option. usually a great breakfast in many regions of mexico 

our tamales oaxaquenos are made in house carefully crafted with the most delicious masa and pork or chicken simmer to perfection to create what is a truly authentic tamale not offered by many restaurants this is what a truly authentic tamale is 

our rice and beans are home made every single day and the best way to eat them is to either put the beans on the rice or put the rice on the beans wich is the way they were intended specialties can be made in to diners.

a mexican staple made with flour tortillas filled with monterey cheese and your choice of meat deep fried to perfection! 




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taco stop mke 

est 2016

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